Mets: Phighting the hypocrisy

By Sam Maxwell

As the Mets have ascended to the top after all these years, taking on more enemies has come with the territory. The Philadelphia Phillies have always been an enemy, but lately, the rivalry has been rather one-sided.

The Phillies have finally accepted that they’re on the other end of a former era and have entered a new one in the last month (though the two are bridged together for taking so long to break the team down.)

Now, the Mets come into the Phightin’s park with a swagger unseen since the Phillies took over the Mets non-dynasty back in 2007. Led by the only member of the last Mets divisional championship, the Metropolitans broke personal records for home runs in a game on Monday night.

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Then, the next night, after jumping up quickly 3-0, their stud comic book star, Noah Syndergaard, coughed it up on the road again. The Mets, however, take over the lead once more in the 6th. They give Thor the possibility of his first road win, but the bullpen, ever uneasy these days, led by Eric O’Flaherty then Hansel Robles, coughed up another run to the Phils to get them to 6-5.

Hansel gets out of the inning, and then, in the 7th…

Hansel Robles should have realized he should wait for Darin Ruff’s head to be up, but luckily the pitch didn’t count, and Robles was accurate with it.

Larry Bowa and Jeff Francoeur can get pissed for sure, especially on the heels of being embarrassed the night before then coughing up the lead again the next night … but Larry then threatening to bean Daniel Murphy for the bat flip Monday? This, as well as broadcaster Larry Andersen (who, by the way, was on the ’86 Astros) calling Mets fans obnoxious, wreaks of hypocritical behavior.

As Matt Cerrone on Metsblog pointed out this morning, it was all OK for the Phillies to have Shane Victorino dancing, and Ryan Howard  watching his homers and flip bats, and Joltin’ Officer Joe Blanton and Brett Myers and Jimmy Rollins and … come on! Mets fans have been well-traveled when it comes to road trips these days, and I’m sure there are some obnoxious types involved, because that’s how the personalities of humans are diluted. And that’s how it is for every fanbase, except maybe the Twins. Those Minnesotans are some darn nice people.

But I’m sure they have their sour apples as well.

I know us New Yorkers are loud, but generally, us, and most fanbases, are going to be respectful when going into other people’s places. It’s about having fun. You know, just don’t puke on little girls, and you’ll be all right.

What Andersen, Bowa, Francoeur and all of us frankly need to understand is that we’re all hypocritical, but we need to strive to not be as much as possible. It’s the only way we can grow everyday.