Mets: Redux Ep. 115 – We’re glad to Have the Mets! LIVE at 8pm ET!

By Sam Maxwell

he Rising Apple Report, after some technical issues by our host, Blog Talk Radio, on Monday, is back to try Ep. 115 again at 8pm ET! I will host, and Mike Lecolant will join for all the Metsian fun. Also joining them once more is Jaron from @NYM_News on Instagram!

The bullpen has been the source of pain the last 5 games, and though the Mets still control their fate, the fanbase has flashbacks of 2008 as Hansel Robles, Carlos Torres, and others do their thing. How much tinkering can you really do at this point? Even with all the moves, are you still concerned about the offense? Will the innings limits jeopardize winning NOW? So many questions, so many conversations…join in at 646-929-0337!

Talk to you at 8pm ET!

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