Mets’ Jacob deGrom: Cy Young?

By Jack Ganchrow

This is definitely a tough argument to make. Zack Greinke is having such a tremendous season it’s hard not to give him this award. But this is a Mets blog, and they have a pitcher who is having such an outstanding season there are points to be made for him as well.

Jacob deGrom has one thing that can give him a little leeway and that is that the Mets are a lot more cautious with his right arm than the Dodgers are with Mr. Greinke. Hopefully something the voters take into account is as the season has grown on us, Jacob deGrom’s ERA has shrunk.

On May 16 Jacob deGrom’s ERA sat at 3.46 while Greinkes was at 1.52. Since then deGrom’s ERA has shrunk to 2.03 while Greinkes is up to 1.58 (Yes I know its crazy to have a 1.58 ERA but come on have you seen deGroms hair).

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Jacob deGrom in his last 15 starts has a 1.46 ERA while Greinkes has been 1.51. Greinke has made two more starts than Jacob deGrom, but each of their teams record in their respective starts includes seven losses. (15-7 vs. 17-7), deGrom is playing with, until recently one of the worst offenses in baseball, while Greinke has a more potent offense around him.

Jacob deGrom also strikes out one more batter per nine innings than Greinke. DeGrom is 9.33 K/9, Greinkes is 8.17. They are first and second when it comes to the WHIP leaders in all of Major League Baseball (yes Greinke is one, but two is awesome as well).

The New York Mets’ rotation is notorious for not giving away free passes and Jacob deGrom is no exception. DeGrom’s K/BB ratio is higher than Greinke at 5.43 to 5.17. Another thing going for Jacob deGrom is how much he is costing his team. deGrom is currently getting paid $557,000 while Greinke is in the midst of a huge six-year 147 million dollar deal and is getting paid $25 million for this season.

Even the cheapest of owners like the Wilpons can afford his salary and that makes it a lot easier to put a supporting cast around him. The bottom line is this, both of these pitchers are having tremendous seasons, not only does deGrom play for the team I love but he is exciting a fan base that hasn’t had excitement in some time, and that, along with the numbers above is enough for him to bring home the hardware.