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Mets Rising Apple Report Episode 112: Trade Deadline Special

By Rich Sparago

The Rising Apple Report is flooding the market with audio this week as we march, or stumble, fall, boulder down the hill, or what have you, towards the non-waiver trade deadline.

On this 112th episode, Rich Sparago will host, with Taryn “The Coop” Cooper and Mike Lecolant joining him for all the head-spinning Mets talk.

Will the Mets make another move? What EXACTLY happened between the Brewers and the Mets regarding Carlos Gomez? Why does it feel like they are turning us into the most bipolar fanbase? Can the emotional pendulum stop swinging so violently? And whaaat’s the deal with today’s rain delay?

And of course, we will discuss the players to wear 12 in Mets history, as well as the 2012 season.

So, join us at 9pm ET for a piping-hot Trade Deadline Edition of the Rising Apple Report!

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