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Mets look bad as Carlos Gomez is dealt to Astros


Carlos Gomez, who the Mets reportedly balked at acquiring on Wednesday night — supposedly due to a hip condition — has been traded to the Astros.

Gomez will go to Houston along with Mike Fiers in exchange for four prospects, one of whom — Brett Phillips — was ranked as Houston’s No. 1 prospect and the No. 21 prospect in all of baseball by Baseball America.

The deal is official, with the medicals having already been cleared.

Reached for comment after the deal with the Astros was final, Mets GM Sandy Alderson told Mike Vorkunov of

“It’s very simple”, Alderson said. “Our doctors felt the health risk was too great. Houston’s doctors apparently feel otherwise. That’s it.”


This looks bad for the Mets.

Earlier on Thursday, after every report indicated that the Mets backed out of the Gomez deal because of the hip issue, Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel in Milwaukee wrote a piece insinuating that it was Milwaukee’s refusal to include money in the deal that resulted in the Mets pulling out.

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Frankly, I thought that sounded odd. Medicals are the last thing to be exchanged, so it made sense that the Mets pulled out at that point — after the trade had been agreed upon in principle. When no other writer corroborated what Haudricourt’s sources were telling him, it seemed that he was simply reporting something Brewers GM Doug Melvin and Gomez’s agent Scott Boras were leaking to keep Gomez’s value up. Then, the Gomez to the Astros trade broke.

Now, it appears there are three plausible scenarios:

1. The Mets’ medical staff is incompetent and/or ultra-conservative.

2. The Astros’ medical staff is incompetent and/or huge risk-takers.

3. Mets ownership killed the Gomez deal due to financial issues.

It’s certainly possible that the Mets’ medical staff didn’t sign off on the deal and the Astros’ medical staff gave it the go-ahead even though there’s an issue with Gomez, but that seems like a bit of a stretch.

Last year, the Astros failed to sign top overall pick, LHP Brady Aiken, due to an elbow issue. It was an enormous story and one that made the Astros look terrible. Would that same medical staff sign off on Gomez if he was damaged goods? And would GM Jeff Lunhow be comfortable dealing four prospects (including their top overall prospect) for Gomez under that scenario?

Here’s where things stand now…

Unfairly or not, it appears that the Mets balked at the Gomez deal because of money. And it appears that it was ownership that swooped in at the last minute and called the deal off.

To blame Sandy Alderson for this would be outrageous. Alderson is the one who got this deal to the finish line. At that point, it’s up to ownership to approve it. For whatever reason, they didn’t. And frankly, if this is about money, and Alderson is the one being set up to take abuse, he should resign for his own sanity.

With the trade deadline less than 20 hours away, if the Mets do not make a trade for a player who makes a decent amount of money either this year or for this year and beyond, the entire baseball world will come to the same conclusion that Haudricourt alleged in his article earlier Thursday: the Mets balked at acquiring a healthy Gomez because of money.

Just about 24 hours after the Mets were back in the good graces of their fans, they’re less than a day away from being crucified by the fans, the local media, and the national media.