Mets news: David Wright still not ready to resume baseball activity

By Danny Abriano

David Wright, who was supposed to resume baseball activity on Monday, is still not ready to get on the field.

Wright, who has been out since April 15 due to a strained right hamstring, experienced lower-back discomfort that resulted in an MRI at the Hospital for Special Surgery this past Friday. The MRI revealed no structural damage, and the team said the issue wasn’t related to the stress fracture Wright suffered a few seasons ago.

The team said that Wright would resume baseball activity on Monday, but he has only been getting treatment since.


Wright’s recovery is becoming reminiscent of the movie ‘Groundhog Day,’ and part of the reason why is the fact that the time tables the Mets keep setting seem to not be based in reality.

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The Mets said over the weekend that Wright would resume baseball activity on Monday, not that he was cleared to. There’s a distinction to be made there, and the club can certainly save itself some grief by being more careful with their words going forward.

However, that’s all semantics, and the only issue here that really matters is that Wright is still not ready to return.

Prior to the back issue popping up, Wright was set to enter rehab games, and was likely less than a week away from returning to the Mets. Since Wright’s hamstring has recovered to the point where he was ready to enter games, it’s logical to conclude that once he gets back on the field, he’ll again be close to entering rehab games.

If Morosi’s estimate is correct, perhaps Wright will resume baseball activity at some point this weekend. If he does, his return to the majors could perhaps be next weekend.

The Mets desperately need Wright to return, with their offense mired in one of the worst slumps it’s ever had.