Mets injury news: Harvey has ankle sprain, will make next start

By Danny Abriano

UPDATE, 10:42 PM:

During Wednesday’s game, the Mets announced that Matt Harvey was dealing with a mild ankle sprain, not a foot injury.

Speaking after the game, Terry Collins said that he only found out about the issue a few days ago, which is when Harvey brought it up.


Once the news of Harvey going to the doctor was out there, the Mets had to divulge what the issue was, and it couldn’t be more minor.

Collins said he asked Harvey if he wanted to have his next start skipped, only to have Harvey shoot him a look that told him all he needed to know. Harvey will  be making his next start, Saturday against the Yankees.

Matt Harvey is dealing with a minor foot issue but will make his next start, Terry Collins told reporters on Wednesday.

According to Adam Rubin of ESPN New York, Collins said Harvey has been pitching with the foot issue for a month. The foot it’s affecting and the nature of the issue was not made known by Collins, who said Harvey is fine and classified the injury as “nothing.”

While Collins said Harvey, who worked out on Wednesday and was not limping, would make his next scheduled start, Harvey was set to be examined by Mets doctors on Wednesday night.

Harvey last pitched on Sunday, battling through an illness while allowing four runs during his six innings of work, and is scheduled to start against the Yankees on Saturday in the Bronx.


The fact that Matt Harvey has been pitching with this foot issue (whatever it is) for the last month should say all you need to know.

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It’s hard to believe the Mets would send Harvey out there with an injury if the medical staff felt there was any risk in doing so.

Still, it’s impossible to react to this properly until the nature of the injury is known. And considering how the Mets have dealt with injuries lately (specifically the one to Zack Wheeler last season), the club might not even divulge what exactly is bothering Harvey…and that would be fine.

If the Mets aren’t planning to reveal the exact nature of Harvey’s foot issue, both Harvey and the Mets would’ve likely been better off had Collins not divulged anything.

This is stating the obvious, but unless this escalates, Harvey’s foot injury is a non-issue. If Harvey takes the ball as scheduled on Saturday against the Yankees, this story will go away. If he doesn’t, it’ll be time to start worrying.