Mets Season Preview: Final record predictions

By Danny Abriano
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Sep 6, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; New York Mets catcher Travis d

Laura Pollack, Staff Writer:

Every year I hope to see Mets baseball in October. Every year I know the chances of that happening are slim. In reality, they’ll ordinarily be mathematically eliminated in September and be casually eliminated by writers and fans much earlier. This year, however, something is different. This year, I can honestly say my hope no longer seems like some outrageous dream.

Finally, the Mets have a real shot to make the playoffs.

The Mets have all the pieces of a winning team. They have a strong rotation behind Matt Harvey. They have a healthy David Wright back in the lineup, and alongside Cuddyer, Lagares and Duda the offense can produce a lot more than last year. They even revamped the bullpen this offseason. Most importantly, they built this team at a time when the Phillies and Braves no longer pose the same threat that they once did.

Granted, this scenario involves all of the key players staying healthy, but that’s something the Mets can’t really control any more than the other teams. If there was ever a time for the Mets to make their mark on the division, it’s now.

Final record: 88-74 (2nd in N.L. East), Second Wild Card

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