Mets Season Preview: Final record predictions

By Danny Abriano
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Sam Maxwell, Staff Writer:

I want to shoot for the moon. I want Lucas Duda’s home runs to make new craters up there, shooting us well past 90 wins.

I’m not gonna predict that, however.

Record predictions are tough, and a lot of us think that the Mets are gonna finally be .500, but probably not as optimistic as the team would make you believe they will be.

Well, I’m not gonna be overly optimistic, but I do believe we are underestimating how much this team may be coming together at the exact right time.

Maybe the idea that Matt Harvey and Co. will win the World Series is crazy, but ask any one of those players in that locker room right now, ESPECIALLY the man who may be on his way to becoming the face of sports in New York, and it’s not outlandish at all.

As far as I’m concerned, It will be Terry Collins’ fault if we don’t hit 90, and definitely his fault if we fail to hit the win total in my prediction.

It’s time, Terry.

And he knows it.

I’ll tell you right now…a part of me believes we’re gonna take down the Nats, whose cockiness leaves them crumbling, and we win the division, “shocking the world.”

However, for relative rationality’s sake….

Final record: 88-74 (2nd in N.L. East), First Wild Card

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