Mets Season Preview: Most likely Met to disappoint

By Danny Abriano
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Sep 6, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; New York Mets catcher Travis d

Rich Sparago, Staff Writer:

The Met most likely to disappoint in 2015 is Travis d’Arnaud.

Last year was dichotomous for d’Arnaud, who had a tough start and was sent to the minor leagues in mid-June. He hit .209 in March/April, .178 in May, and .231 in June. However, upon his return from Las Vegas, d’Arnaud hit .272 in July, .225 in August, and .313 in September. Overall, d’Arnaud hit .217 in the first half of the year and .265 in the second half.

So the question is, which story above is closer to the reality of who d’Arnaud will be? The Mets are certainly hoping for the second-half d’Arnaud, but there really is no way to predict how d’Arnaud will perform in 2015. He has not had a good Spring, which could be a bad sign. The Mets will be relying on continued progress from d’Arnaud, but there seems to be a fair chance that he will disappoint.

On defense, d’Arnaud has struggled since his debut in August of 2013. Last year, his defensive runs saved was -15. In addition, over his major league career, there have been 77 successful stolen bases in 96 attempts against d’Arnaud. Further, last year d’Arnaud allowed 12 passed balls and 39 wild pitches. Clearly, defense has not been his strong suit.

The Mets seem to be keeping Kevin Plawecki ready in case d’Arnaud struggles once again. When R.A. Dickey was traded to Toronto, d’Arnaud was a major piece coming back. His development has been inconsistent. Much will be expected of Travis d’Arnaud in 2015, both offensively, and in his management of the Mets’ prized pitching staff. While there’s a chance that d’Arnaud responds to both challenges, I feel there’s an equal chance that he’ll be a disappointing Met this season.

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