Bartolo Colon is the Opening Day starter

By Ryan Punzalan

Organizational sources told yesterday that Bartolo Colon will be the Opening Day starter on April 6.

The source also stated that Jacob deGrom will take the mound on April 8, while Matt Harvey will make his first start since Tommy John surgery on April 9.

Additionally, deGrom will be the starter for the Mets’ home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies on April 13.

For fans clamoring for Matt Harvey to get the call on Opening Day, this announcement is definitely disappointing. However, Terry Collins has stated that Harvey doesn’t have the accolades to start any of those games because he sat out last season. 

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According to Adam Rubin, “Terry Collins has indicated that Harvey did not deserve either honor because he was absent last season, while other pitchers performed well. DeGrom is the reigning NL Rookie of the Year, which was an allure in giving him the home opener.”

The Mets are expected to announce their full rotation later today, but here’s the most likely scenario for the first few games:

  • April 6 @ Washington – Bartolo Colon
  • April 8 @ Washington – Jacob deGrom
  • April 9 @ Washington – Matt Harvey
  • April 10 @ AtlantaJon Niese
  • April 11 @ Atlanta – TBD (Potentially Bartolo Colon or Dillon Gee)
  • April 12 @ Atlanta – TBD (Potentially Bartolo Colon or Dillon Gee)
  • April 13 vs. Philadelphia – Jacob deGrom
  • April 14 vs. Philadelphia – Matt Harvey

Colon had an average year in 2014, going 15-13 with a 4.09 ERA in 31 starts, the most since his Cy Young season in 2005. Colon fell victim to the home run ball, coughing up 22 in 202.1 innings pitched.

He’s gotten off to a rocky start this spring training, going 0-2 with a 7.71 ERA in four games.

If Colon does indeed start on Opening Day, he would be the oldest Mets pitcher to ever do so, beating Tom Glavine in 2007.


There are a lot of people who are angry at Terry Collins for calling on Bartolo Colon to start Opening Day instead of Jacob deGrom or Matt Harvey. Should they be angry?

Well, sort of, but not entirely. deGrom and Harvey have both proved that they are better pitchers than Colon, are “flashier” than Colon, and are more of spectacle than Colon. (Disclaimer: Colon’s offense is also a spectacle, but for the wrong reasons.)

That being said, Colon did pitch the entire 2014 season, while Harvey sat out due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery. deGrom getting the home opener is the right call, as he’s the reigning NL Rookie of the Year winner.

Colon is a fairly conservative choice and gives the Mets a decent change at winning. Is he the best choice? No, but I’m also not going crazy over the decision.

It’s one game out of the 162-game season. The rotation of the starters shouldn’t matter. What does matter is if the pitchers can stay consistent throughout the season, if Matt Harvey can return to his 2013 form, and if Jacob deGrom can get anywhere close to his lights out status of last year.

Bartolo Colon starting isn’t the end of the world and the Mets will be fine when he takes the mound on April 6.