Adam Rubin reports on “Baseball Maverick”

By Ryan Punzalan

Steve Kettman’s book, “Baseball Maverick: How Sandy Alderson Revolutionized Baseball and Revived the Mets” has been a recurring topic for discussion down in Port St. Lucie.

So much so that ESPN’s Adam Rubin was even live-tweeting his progress through Alderson’s biography:

As of last night, Rubin finished the book and released a report on Kettman’s book. Here are some highlights:

On Jose Reyes:

"Alderson approached Peter Greenberg, the agent for Jose Reyes, in June of Reyes’ walk year, but the GM was rebuffed in extension talks. Alderson never made an official offer that winter, but informally indicated the Mets genuinely were prepared to bid $100 million."

On Ruben Tejada:

"Ruben Tejada is one of the few criticized. “Gradually you come to the conclusion that Tejada is just a placeholder,” Alderson said. “He’s not a long-term guy for us.”"

On the Bernie Madoff situation:

"Alderson was naive about the impact of Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. “Madoff wasn’t even a topic of conversation in my interview for the Mets job,” Alderson said. “I didn’t raise it. Maybe I should have. The bottom line is, I would have taken the job anyway. It just added to the challenge.”"

Rubin has a bunch more tidbits about Alderson in his report, which you can check out in the link above.

What’s interesting to see is that despite what many thinks about Alderson, the man is passionate and isn’t just acting as a puppet to the Wilpons. Rubin agreed that although the book may be somewhat “excessively positive” it’s still worth reading.

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