Dillon Gee of no interest to Jays, who lost Stroman

By Danny Abriano

The Blue Jays lost starting pitcher Marcus Stroman for the season after a freak ACL injury on Tuesday, but the club reportedly has no interest in Dillon Gee.

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, Toronto doesn’t currently see Gee as a fit, and their plan at the moment is to fill Stroman’s spot internally.

Gee, who the Mets tried to trade in the offseason, is currently ticketed for the bullpen, though he’s made it known he wants to remain a starter.

With the uncertainty surrounding Josh Edgin, who went for an MRI on his elbow on Tuesday, it would behoove the Mets to have two left-handers in the bullpen.

However, if Gee is in the bullpen, the Mets will likely have to drop one of their left-handers (assuming they carry two) when Bobby Parnell returns.


The apparent lack of interest in Gee by pretty much every team who’s connected to him is baffling.

Gee was linked to the Rangers, Twins, Rockies, and other teams earlier in the offseason, but they all viewed him as a fallback and have since filled their needs.

No, Gee is not a front of the rotation starter or even a middle of the rotation piece. He is a more than serviceable starter, though, and is only under contract for one season at a relatively inexpensive price.

Unless the Mets are asking for something outlandish in exchange for Gee – always a possibility with Sandy Alderson – the lack of interest from teams in dire need of starting pitching help is quite odd.

Perhaps teams are simply refusing to state any interest in public, but it’s not as if other general managers aren’t aware when a certain team is in need of a certain type of player.

Maybe the Mets will wind up moving Gee eventually, but there’s no reason to think a trade will happen any time soon.

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