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MLB execs rank Michael Cuddyer as fourth-worst free agent signing this offseason


Last night, ESPN’s Jayson Stark published an article with a “best and worst” list for this past offseason. Unfortunately for the Mets, their signing of Michael Cuddyer was ranked the fourth worst free agent move by MLB executives.

Back in November, the Mets made the first official move of the 2014-2015 offseason by signing Cuddyer to a two-year, $21 million contract. Originally expected to accept his qualifying offer from the Colorado Rockies, Cuddyer surprised many and signed with the Mets, that many expected, was the start of a busy offseason for the club.

Cuddyer, known for his high average and on-base percentage, hit .331 with a .929 OPS over the past two season with the Rockies and is hopeful to repeat those numbers for the Mets.

The ESPN survey lists the Max Scherzer signing with the Washington Nationals as the worst free agent move this offseason, followed by the Brett Anderson deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Additionally, the poll lists the San Diego Padres as the most improved National League team this winter, with the Chicago White Sox as the most improved American League team.


Looking back at the move, I thought signing Cuddyer was brilliant, if the Mets addressed the other glaring holes on the team. However, they stayed dormant for most of the winter and decided to keep Cuddyer as their “big splash” heading into 2015.

I like Cuddyer and I think he adds a consistent bat to the lineup. That being said, he is on the wrong side of 30-years-old and he hasn’t been the healthiest player in his career. He also isn’t the most agile fielder and will probably have to get used to the odd dimensions over in right field.

But, as stated earlier, he will add a consistent bat to the team, and while it would’ve been nice to add one more bat to fill any holes in the lineup, having Cuddyer take pitches and drive in runs will be extremely helpful.

Was signing Cuddyer one of the worst moves this offseason? I’d argue no, but obviously MLB executives think otherwise.

We’ll let his bat do the talking this season.

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