Mets aren’t allowing players, other personnel on WFAN

By Danny Abriano

In a continuation of what began last year, the Mets will not be allowing any players or other personnel on Mike Francesa’s WFAN show during Spring Training.

According to Francesa, the Mets said no to his request to have his show at Spring Training in Port St. Lucie and said no when he asked if he could have any players on the air.

Francesa explained that the Mets told him that that they simply wanted to focus their efforts on promoting the team on WOR 710, which became their radio station last season after the team was dumped by WFAN (who replaced them with the Yankees).


While the Mets’ point of view is both reasonable and understandable, it’s probably a detriment for the club to be refusing to allow any players, coaches, or front office personnel on WFAN.

Aside from being one of the most popular and powerful stations in the country, WFAN’s Mike Francesa show is carried on Fox Sports 1 on weekdays, allowing it to reach an even larger audience.

Contrarily, WOR is a talk radio station that most sports fans don’t often find themselves listening to.

With the Mets seemingly headed in the right direction on the field and hoping to contend, increasing their reach to potential customers while promoting the team and ticket sales seems like a good idea. But again, it’s easy to see why their current policy is what it is.

Hopefully, the Mets loosen up during the regular season and allow their players and other personnel back on WFAN. Love or hate Mike Francesa and/or the rest of the personalities on WFAN, it’s always interesting to hear Francesa conduct an interview. And again, the Mets can certainly benefit from the added exposure as long as the team is performing well on the field.

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