Rockies almost certainly out on Dillon Gee

By Danny Abriano

The Rockies announced on Wednesday that they had signed RHP Kyle Kendrick, almost certainly erasing any interest they had in acquiring Dillon Gee.

It had been reported on Tuesday that the Rockies had interest in Kendrick but still viewed Gee as an option.

Kendrick’s deal with the Rockies is worth $5.5 million. Kendrick can earn an additional $500,000 if he reaches the 190 inning mark.

Gee will earn $5.2 million this coming season.


For his career, while pitching all of his home games in the bandbox that is Citizens Bank Park, Kyle Kendrick has a 4.42 ERA (4.65 FIP).

For his career, while pitching all of his home games in a pitcher-friendly park, Dillon Gee has a 3.91 ERA (4.23 FIP).

While I’d prefer Gee over Kendrick, when you adjust for the parks they play in, Kendrick and Gee are very similar pitchers, making it easy to see why the Rockies opted for Kendrick (who they got without having to give up an asset).

With the Rockies having secured the starting pitching help they were looking for, it appears that the Astros, Padres, and perhaps the Giants are the only teams left who might have interest in trading for Dillon Gee.

However, on Monday, Sandy Alderson implied that the team might hold onto Gee and use him out of the bullpen this coming season. I outlined here why I believe putting Gee in the bullpen is a poor idea.

Since Alderson noted numerous times this offseason that it was his intent to move a starting pitcher and that it wasn’t his preference to place one of his excess starters in the bullpen, it’s fair to believe that he either overplayed his hand or misread the market as it pertains to Gee.

With the Mets having six starting pitchers for five spots and three more on the way from the minors, something will eventually have to give. However, moves might not happen as quickly as most expected.

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