Mets not close to trading a starting pitcher

By Danny Abriano

It was reported 15 days ago that the Mets expected to trade one of their starting pitchers – likely Dillon Gee – within seven to 10 days. On Tuesday, with a trade not yet made, it was reported that no such move was even close.

The Mets, who currently have six starting pitchers for five spots – and three other starting pitchers ready or close to ready to contribute in the majors – have made it known that they do not plan to go into Spring Training without dealing one of their starters.


With three weeks to go until Spring Training, the Mets are in the same spot they were in when the offseason began as it pertains to their glut of starting pitchers.

Talks for Dillon Gee were heavy at the Winter Meetings in December, but nothing ever seemed imminent. After a trade failed to materialize, the Mets left the meetings with the hope that something would get done in the coming weeks. When nothing happened, the word from the Mets was that a trade would happen in January. Well, there are now three days left in January and potential destinations for Gee or another starting pitcher are dwindling.

With lots of other trades materializing throughout baseball – many involving starting pitching – it’s not logical to say that the Mets are waiting for other shoes to drop before making a trade of their own.

It’s true that the Mets don’t have to deal a starting pitcher, but doing so is the logical move.

Of the six pitchers the Mets currently have for five rotation spots, the only one who could potentially shift to the bullpen is Dillon Gee. While having a long-man making $5.3 million is a waste, it’s also unclear whether or not Gee would even be successful in the bullpen.

Even though the Mets likely won’t get a big haul back for Gee or another starting pitcher (Bartolo Colon or Jon Niese), they’ll certainly be able to get something of value. It’s not clear what exactly the holdup is, but the club has three weeks to find a solution.

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