Jimmy Rollins traded to Dodgers

By Danny Abriano

Jimmy Rollins, who recently said he would refuse to waive his no-trade rights if the Mets worked out a deal for him, has been traded to the Dodgers.

In addition to refusing a potential deal to the Mets, reports before the Yankees acquired shortstop Didi Gregorius suggested that Rollins might not waive his no-trade rights to go to the Bronx, either.

Rollins, 36, hit .243/.323/.394 to go along with 17 home runs and 28 steals for Philadelphia this past season while continuing to play solid defense at shortstop.

Rollins is owed $11 million in 2015 and has a vesting option for 2016 that would also pay him $11 million.


With the news a few weeks ago that Rollins would’ve used his 10-and-5 rights to block a trade to the Mets, it’s clear that the Mets had interest in acquiring him.

According to Andy Martino, who spoke about the deal on SNY shortly after news broke, Rollins simply did not want to play in New York – whether it was for the Mets or the Yankees.

While Rollins would have been a solid addition and a short-term solution for the Mets at shortstop, it can be stated here that nearly every Mets fan feels about Rollins the way he felt about New York.

Rollins didn’t want to come here, but we didn’t want him here either.

Have fun in Los Angeles, Jimmy.