Mets in trade disussions with Rangers, others about Dillon Gee

By Danny Abriano

UPDATE, 11:06 p.m.:

The Mets and Rangers are continuing trade discussions, and a deal that could send Dillon Gee to Texas is said to be in the works.

However, while the Mets and Rangers are discussing Gee, there are reportedly up to five other teams – including the Giants – speaking to the Mets about Gee.

Most reports are suggesting that nothing is imminent on the Gee front, but Robert Brender of  SNY believes something could get done as soon as Tuesday night.


Any one-for-one deal that sends Gee to Texas is not going to bring back a piece like Jurickson Profar. However, if it’s true that six teams are interested in Gee, he should at least merit a player of note.

One player to keep an eye on, according to Chris Cotillo, is infielder Luis Sardinas.

Sardinas has speed and is a plus defender, but there are serious questions about his bat. Still, for someone like Gee, who the Mets are trying badly to move, he would be a solid get.

It was reported Monday night that the Mets and Rangers were in serious trade discussions, and that a deal could be struck before the Winter Meetings end on Thursday.

Among the names said to be under discussion are Dillon Gee, Jon Niese, and Noah Syndergaard of the Mets, and Jurickson Profar and Elvis Andrus of the Rangers.

Writes TR Sullivan of

"The two clubs met on Monday, with Gee discussed prominently. But the Mets are looking for a shortstop and don’t appear overly interested in Elvis Andrus. They also don’t view Luis Sardinas as an everyday answer and, like many clubs, they are interested in Jurickson Profar but have concerns about his health."

The Mets’ fear about Profar’s shoulder might be a smokescreen in an effort to drive his price down, but there’s nothing to indicate that Profar’s shoulder woes are behind him.

With Noah Syndergaard‘s name reportedly included in the discussions between the Mets and the Rangers, who could the Mets be seeking if they’re wary about Profar?

Perhaps Rougned Odor is the actual target.

Before the Winter Meetings began, most felt that Odor was off limits. However, according to Sullivan, Odor is the most sought after player on the roster, and Texas could move him if they get a “significant” starting pitcher or hitter in return.

Sullivan floated the name of Jordan Zimmermann as a potential return for Odor, but noted that Texas GM Jon Daniels prefers to acquire a pitcher or hitter who is under control for more than one year.

So, would Noah Syndergaard for Rougned Odor make sense?

Odor, who turns 21 in February, has been a second baseman for Texas due to the Rangers’ glut at shortstop, but some believe he would be able to handle shortstop.

If the Mets feel that Odor, whose offensive potential is high, can handle shortstop, it would make sense for them to deal for him.

Parting with Syndergaard in order to acquire Odor would hurt, but it would potentially be an outside the box answer for their shortstop issue that pays immediate dividends.