A lesson in Sandy Alderson-ese

By Danny Abriano

With the comment below about Wilmer Flores potentially being the starting shortstop on Opening Day, Sandy Alderson has set off a firestorm of sorts among the group of Mets fans who still take what he says about potential player acquisitions seriously:

"I’d say where we are today, that’s the likelihood. But that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. But if you look around at all the possibilities, is it more likely than not? Probably."

First off, with Alderson using the qualifier “where we are today,” what he said afterwards is rendered partially moot.

Second, comments from Alderson like the one above have become commonplace, as he never tips his hand regarding potential player acquisitions.

Third, speaking ill of Wilmer Flores or predicting that a different player might be brought in to start at shortstop next season serves no purpose.

For those who want a concrete example of Alderson saying something one day and doing the opposite the next, I point you to last year’s Winter Meetings.

After the Mets signed Curtis Granderson, Sandy Alderson said the Mets were almost certainly done with big acquisitions. Alderson made those comments to the assembled media while Bartolo Colon‘s two-year contract was being finalized.

If the above isn’t a perfect example as to why you should never take Sandy Alderson seriously, I don’t know what is.

It’s fair for some to be irritated at the manner in which Alderson works and/or how he fences with the media and fans. However, the way Alderson operates is smart, and the only thing that actually matters here is the product the Mets put on the field this coming April.

What doesn’t matter is what Alderson says in public about potential acquisitions, especially when you consider that the opposite of what Alderson is saying could be in the works behind the scenes at that very second.