Matt Harvey looking forward to pitching through October in 2015

By Danny Abriano

Matt Harvey, who is almost all the way back from Tommy John surgery, addressed the media on Wednesday at Citi Field.

Harvey, who will be on an innings limit this coming season, noted that “realistically throwing 200 innings in the regular season is probably not likely,” but said that the plan is to “manage things a little bit differently than [Stephen] Strasburg did with his recovery.”

In mid-November, Sandy Alderson said the plan was for the Mets to limit Harvey’s in-season innings with the idea of having him active for the entire season and playoffs. On Wednesday, Harvey said he was on board:

"I’m gonna be happy to throw an entire year. Whatever they decide is in the best interest of the team and me…If you were to map out a full season, you’re gonna have to map out some changes…in order to get to a certain point. The last thing I would want to do is have to sit on my hands…not be able to pitch in the postseason. Whatever needs to be done to get us there, I’m all for."

Harvey said that he’s been throwing every Monday through Saturday at Citi Field, and that he’ll start picking it up a bit in January, when he’ll spend the entire month training at agent Scott Boras’ facilities in Newport Beach.

The plan, Harvey said, is to get back on the slope of the mound in mid-December and pick up the pace in January, with the goal of facing hitters on February 1.

As far as throwing all of his pitches, Harvey said that he has yet to throw any sliders since the surgery, and that he likely won’t throw one until the end of Spring Training.


The Mets and Matt Harvey are going about this exactly as they should.

While Harvey will have an innings limit in 2015, smartly limiting him during in-game situations, periodically skipping starts, and/or giving him a break over the summer should allow him to pitch if the Mets reach the playoffs.