Giancarlo Stanton agrees to 13-year extension with Marlins

By Danny Abriano

Giancarlo Stanton has an extension in place with the Marlins that will pay him $325 million over the next 13 seasons.

The deal includes a full no-trade clause, as well as an opt-out that Stanton can exercise after the fifth year of the deal.

Stanton, 25, finished second in the MVP voting this year after posting a .288/.395/.555 slash to go along with 37 home runs and 105 RBI for Miami.

Reports have indicated that Stanton’s teammate Jose Fernandez will almost certainly test free agency when he becomes eligible, which made locking up Stanton an immediate priority for the Marlins.

Stanton’s deal, once final, will be the largest ever handed to an American athlete – topping the record contract Alex Rodriguez signed with the Yankees.


For the Marlins, this is an absolute no-brainer. Stanton is the preeminent power hitter in baseball, smack in the middle of his prime.

For the Mets – and every other team – this temporarily ends any potential availability of Stanton via trade.

For Stanton, his reservations about Miami are evident in the fact that full no-trade protection is part of the deal.

Three times in the last 16 years, the Marlins have torn down high-priced rosters, trading away nearly every player of note while starting from scratch.

In addition to their history of firesales, the Marlins are also dealing with a fanbase that rarely shows support at the gate, and playing in a ballpark that was built after ownership hoodwinked taxpayers.

This could work out swimmingly for the Marlins and Stanton, or he could demand a trade in a year or two.

For now, the Marlins and Stanton will celebrate. What lies down the road is anyone’s guess.