Mets to reveal new outfield dimensions next Tuesday

By Danny Abriano

UPDATE, November 14:

Sandy Alderson will provide a guided tour of the new Citi Field dimensions for the media next Tuesday at 1:45 p.m.

The tour will be preceded by a press conference where Alderson will answer any questions that pertain to the new dimensions.

Sandy Alderson said Wednesday that when the Mets complete their renovations on the right-center field fence, the new dimensions of Citi Field will be similar to the dimensions that existed at Shea Stadium.

Additionally, Alderson said that if the new dimensions had been in play during the 2014 season, the Mets would have hit an extra 17 home runs (while opponents would’ve hit 10 more).

The left field and right field lines are similar at Citi Field (335 and 330 feet respectively) to the distance they were at Shea Stadium (338 feet to each corner). The difference to straightaway center is negligible.

Like Shea, Citi will now have a gap in right-center that is closer to 371 feet (Shea’s distance) than the incredibly deep 415 feet it was when Citi Field opened. The right-center field fence at Citi Field was first brought in after the 2011 season.


Sandy Alderson can speak all he wants about the fences being adjusted in part to facilitate high-scoring games to entertain the fans.

While that can’t be dismissed entirely, it seems that the Mets are simply righting a wrong that was committed when Citi Field opened.

Instead of making the park neutral, they filled it with quirks, helping to hurt David Wright – their most important player, whose natural power is to right-center.

In making these changes, the ballpark will simply be fair for hitters instead of being a detriment.