Troy Tulowitzki to Mets “not happening”

By Danny Abriano

It was reported on Monday that the Mets had reached out to the Rockies about acquiring Troy Tulowitzki. However, Adam Rubin of ESPN New York – citing sources who have been briefed about the situation – writes that Tulowitzki to the Mets is “not happening:”

"A trade of Troy Tulowitzki is “not happening,” sources briefed on the matter told, but the Mets do plan to go the trade route in order to try to upgrade at shortstop. The Arizona Diamondbacks, Seattle Mariners, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs are viewed as four viable trade partners. A deal for Tulowitzki is not on the Mets’ radar because of the $100 million-plus still owed as well as the expected cost in terms of prospects (two or three blue-chippers)."

Tulowitzki, 30, is owed $114 million through the 2020 season.

Last season, Tulowitzki played in just 91 games before undergoing season-ending hip surgery. Tulowitzki played in 126 games in 2013, but his 2012 season – where he appeared in just 47 games – was also ravaged by injury.


As long as the Rockies continue to refuse to pay any of Tulowitzki’s salary while demanding a ransom in the quality and amount of prospects received, it’s hard to see any team agreeing to a trade.

It may be a bit premature to completely rule out Tulowitzki to the Mets, but the club can’t wait forever for the Rockies to back off their demands. Instead, the Mets – with their stable of prospects and starting pitching – can turn elsewhere in their search for a shortstop upgrade.

If the Rockies decide to become rational with their demands, and the Mets have yet to acquire a shortstop, a potential trade for Tulowitzki should be revisited.