Matt Kemp to be dangled by Dodgers

By Danny Abriano

According to a Fox Sports report, the Dodgers are “aggressively” trying to move one of their outfielders, with Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Carl Crawford all in play.

Depending on the potential return Los Angeles receives, the Dodgers are willing to eat “significant” money in order to move an outfielder.

Kemp, 30, is due $107 million over the next five seasons.

Ethier, 31, is owed $56 million over the next three seasons (plus a buyout).

Crawford, 33, is due $62.25 million over the next three seasons.


As far as the Mets are concerned, they should have very little interest in Ethier, whose power has declined at an alarming rate over the last three seasons.

Additionally, Crawford is not the type of player the Mets should be seeking.

That leaves Matt Kemp as the only player of interest here, but one whose acquisition could provide an enormous jolt to the Mets’ lineup.

After an unproductive, injury-riddled 2013, Kemp came back to hit .287/.346/.506 with 25 home runs and 89 RBI in 150 games played (599 plate appearances) for the Dodgers in 2014.

Ethier’s defense is a concern, as is the amount of money left on his deal.

However, if the Dodgers are indeed willing to eat a “substantial” amount of money in any deal for an outfielder, the Mets should at least be exploring what it would take to bring Kemp to Queens.