Red Sox don’t ‘hate’ Yoenis Cespedes, but are open to dealing him

By Danny Abriano

The Red Sox, who acquired Yoenis Cespedes last summer in exchange for two months of Jon Lester, don’t “hate” the outfielder. However, they are open to trading him.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, there are four reasons why the Red Sox might deal Cespedes:

Boston wanted Cespedes to play right field after he was acquired, but Cespedes wasn’t open to it. Once in left field, the expectation was that Cespedes would work on his defense (with the Green Monster now in play), but he didn’t put in much extra work. In addition, Cespedes only has one year left on his deal, and his numbers after acquired by the Red Sox were “pedestrian.”

Cafardo goes on to mention that John Harper of the Daily News recently suggested that the Mets should deal top pitching prospect Noah Syndergaard for Justin Upton of Atlanta. As it pertains to Boston, Cafardo suggested that if the Red Sox sign Pablo Sandoval to hit cleanup, they could potentially dangle Cespedes to the Mets while asking for Syndergaard in return.

For Oakland and Boston last year, Cespedes, 29, hit .260/.301/.450 with 22 home runs and 100 RBI.


Not “hating” Cespedes isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement that puts the Red Sox in prime position with any potential trade partner…

The Red Sox have a crowded outfield, with Mookie Betts, Jackie Bradley, Jr., Allen Craig, and Shane Victorino in addition to Cespedes, making a potential deal seem that much more likely.

However, Cafardo is reaching if he thinks the Mets would even consider parting with Syndergaard in a one-for-one deal for Cespedes.

If the Mets are to deal Syndergaard – or Zack Wheeler or Jacob deGrom – it will almost certainly be in exchange for an impact bat who is under control for years. The Mets dealing one of their most valued assets for a rental is not something that makes any sense.

While Cafardo is reaching for the stars in a potential deal for Cespedes, one must think that Boston GM Ben Cherington has a more realistic idea of who he can target – and get – in exchange.

Cespedes has value, but the fact that he’s in the last year of his deal (and cannot be given a qualifying offer) knocks his worth down a few notches.

There’s a deal to be made between the Mets and Red Sox for Cespedes, but Boston will have to be rational with their demands if talks are to ever get off the ground.