Mets tweak uniforms for 2015

By Danny Abriano

In what has become a recurring theme during pretty much every offseason, the Mets have made some tweaks to their uniforms for next season.

The changes include a darker blue cap with an interlocking “NY” to go along with the alternate road jersey, the switch back from ivory to white for the pinstripe jersey, and a new batting practice jersey and cap.

The biggest change, is the removal of the “snow white” uniforms from the rotation.

As they did in 2014, the Mets will continue to wear camouflage jerseys during Monday home games as part of “Military Mondays.”


As is the case with everything the Mets do, the uniform changes will probably spark some hysterical and nonsensical debates.

In the grand scheme of things, what matters is that the team wins – and that black stays out of the color scheme, of course (both as a primary color and a background color).

Anyway, the new darker blue cap is interesting, as is the batting practice cap with orange prominently featured on the front panels.

When it comes down to it, the Mets basically have four jerseys that will be worn regularly during games. Their official home and road jerseys (with the blue caps) and their home and road alternates (with the alternate caps).