Mets may have interest in Michael Morse

By Danny Abriano

The Mets may very well swing a trade in order to solve their need for a corner outfielder, but there are still a few free agents available who could interest the team. One of them? Michael Morse:

"After eliminating Michael Cuddyer from their list of potential free-agent pursuits, the Mets still have other outfield targets they may consider.Michael Morse is one such name who fits the Mets’ criteria, according to a person with knowledge of the club’s internal discussions."

Morse, who will turn 33 prior to Opening Day, made $6 million in 2014 for the Giants while playing on a one-year deal.

Morse had a triple slash of .279/.336/.475 with 16 home runs and 61 RBI in 482 at bats last season.


When healthy, Morse has been productive. However, over the last three seasons, health has been a major issue.

Morse was limited to just 102 games in 2012, played only 88 games in 2013, and was hampered by an injured oblique late last season.

Aside from his problems staying healthy, Morse is also a very poor defender who would weaken the Mets’ outfield defense a great deal. Over the last four seasons, Morse has cost his team between 15 and 20 runs on defense each season. That’s not just an issue, it’s a defensive nightmare.

There are definitely worse choices out there than Morse, but that shouldn’t be the criteria the Mets are going by.

Instead, the Mets should be trying to find a legitimate impact bat for the corner outfield who can contribute on both sides of the ball.