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Jed Lowrie likely not a target for Mets

By Danny Abriano

The Mets, who may go with an internal option at shortstop in 2015, are not expected to pursue pending free agent Jed Lowrie.

Writes Andy Martino in the Daily News:

"Oakland’s Jed Lowrie will be a free agent, but is not a target of the Mets right now, according to sources. That’s a decent indication about the desire to play with toys already in the cupboard."

Lowrie, who turns 31 shortly after Opening Day, hit .249/.321/.355 with 6 home runs, 59 RBI, and 50 runs scored this past season for Oakland.

Known as a decent defender, Lowrie had a poor night with the glove during the play-in game the Athletics lost to the Royals.

Aside from Lowrie, other free agent shortstops are expected to include Asdrubal Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez.


Lowrie, who earned a bit over $5 million in 2014, will likely get a three-year deal worth around $25 million.

Wilmer Flores, if given a chance to play regularly, should be able to post comparable or better offensive numbers than Lowrie, who has a career triple slash of .261/.330/.411.

While Flores is not an ideal fit at shortstop due to his defensive shortcomings, neither is Lowrie. When you consider that Flores will make near the league minimum in 2015, paying Lowrie 16 or 17 times that for what might amount to a marginal defensive upgrade is pointless.

As far as Asdrubal Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez are concerned…

Cabrera has been regressing over the last few seasons and is simply not worth going after.

Ramirez, while a potential difference maker offensively, is no longer a plus defensively at shortstop and will likely receive a massive contract. According to reports, the Dodgers would only be interested in keeping Ramirez if he agrees to switch positions.

As is the case with the Mets’ hole in the corner outfield, the team should be exploring trade possibilities in order to upgrade shortstop.

The Cubs (with Addison Russell, Javier Baez, and Starlin Castro) could match up with the Mets via trade, as could the Diamondbacks. If the Mets want to go high-risk, high-reward, they can engage the Rockies in talks for Troy Tulowitzki.

One thing the Mets should not be doing, is allocating significant dollars and years to any of the pending free agent shortstops.