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Joe Maddon opts out of contract, Wilpon says Mets won’t change managers

By Danny Abriano

Update, 2:20 PM:

Mets COO Jeff Wilpon is telling every reporter who will listen that the Mets aren’t changing managers.

Frankly, the fact that Wilpon is opening his mouth is bad enough.

That he’s opening it to say the Mets have no interest in bringing in Maddon – who is reportedly interested in them – is absurd, disappointing, and pathetic.

Update, 1:56 PM:

Joe Maddon, widely viewed as one of the best and most well respected managers in baseball, is a free agent.

Due to a stipulation in his contract that allowed him to leave if general manager Andrew Friedman left the Rays, Maddon was free to opt out of his deal (which had one year and $2 million remaining).

After extension talks between Maddon and the Rays broke down, Maddon exercised his opt-out clause.

According to reports, Maddon is not heading to the Dodgers – the team that hired Friedman away from Tampa.

Maddon stated that he has no firm plan but that he hopes to manage in 2015, and Jon Heyman of CBS Sports said he can envision a number of teams who are willing to remove their current manager to clear room for Maddon.

The Mets, like 27 other teams in baseball, currently have a manager under contract for 2015.


The Joe Maddon news is a potential game-changer for whichever team is able to snag him.

Yes, the Mets and 27 other teams currently have a manager under contract for 2015 and/or beyond.

However, Maddon opting out of his deal was a shock – something that could potentially alter the thinking of a number of teams who were apparently set at manager before Friday.

As far as the Mets are concerned, they need to think outside the box. Maddon being available should render Terry Collins’ status as a manger under contract moot. Collins has one year and a team option remaining on his deal.

Sandy Alderson is supposedly more comfortable with a figurehead as his manager, and Maddon is certainly not that. Still, the Mets would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn’t at least explore what it would take to bring Maddon to Queens.