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Juan Lagares named finalist for gold glove award

By Danny Abriano

Juan Lagares, whose 28 defensive runs saved led all National League center fielders in 2014, has been named a finalist for the gold glove award.

Lagares’ competitors for the award are Billy Hamilton of Cincinnati and Denard Span of Washington.

The 28 DRS Lagares racked up came in just 945 innings.

Hamilton had 14 DRS in 1199.1 innings.

Span actually cost the Nationals on defense, valued as a -3 defender as far as DRS is concerned.

The award, which is voted on by managers and coaches, will be announced on November 4.


If the gold glove award goes to the player who rated as the best defensive center fielder, it’ll belong to Lagares.

Additionally, if the award goes to the player who your eyes told you was far-and-away the best, it’ll belong to Lagares.

Lagares wasn’t only the best defensive center fielder in baseball in 2014 – he was a marvel who could seemingly do it all. And his performance came on the heels of an equally impressive 2013.

Lagares gets insanely good breaks on balls, resulting in him often catching balls standing up that others would have to dive for (and often miss). He plays incredibly shallow due to the fact that his speed, breaks, and routes allow him to. The fact that he plays shallow (as well as his plus and accurate arm) helps to control players hoping to take the extra base.

In addition to all of the spectacular plays that Lagares makes look routine, he also makes otherworldly catches so often that this feat is referred to among Mets fans as “Lagares doing Lagares things.”

In the past, the gold glove has been a bit of a farce. If Lagares isn’t given the award for his 2014 season, the award will become a hysterical farce.