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Why hasn’t Wilmer Flores been playing shortstop lately?

By Danny Abriano

Despite his obvious defensive shortcomings at the position, the Mets have dropped a few hints recently that they’re considering going with Wilmer Flores as their starting shortstop in 2015.

I (and many scouts, fans, and other observers) don’t believe Flores should be viewed as a long-term shortstop option due to his lack of range, but the Mets seem to think it might be a worthy gamble to have him as their starting shortstop in 2015 and perhaps beyond. Why, then, has Flores not been playing shortstop lately?

Since Dilson Herrera injured his quad on Saturday night – ending his season – Flores has been playing second base with Ruben Tejada (who almost certainly is a backup infielder at best in 2015) at shortstop.

If the Mets are indeed considering using Flores as their starting shortstop in 2015, he should be getting every single start at the position down the stretch in order for the club to continue its evaluation.

Moreover, with Tejada likely a backup infielder next year (unless he’s non-tendered), it would make total sense for him to start getting more exposure at second base.

Instead, the Mets have been trotting out a lineup with Flores at second base and Tejada at shortstop. It’s quite puzzling. Then again, so is the idea that Wilmer Flores could actually be this team’s starting shortstop next year.