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Mets receive extension to respond to Leigh Castergine’s lawsuit

By Danny Abriano

The Mets have asked for and been granted an extension of time to respond to the recent wrongful termination lawsuit that was filed by the counsel of former Senior VP Leigh Castergine. Under the extension, the club must respond between October 2 and October 31.

The defense asking for an extension to respond is common, and was to be expected.

In the lawsuit, filed last week, Castergine, who was fired on August 26, said she was harassed, discriminated against, and ultimately dismissed for having a baby out of wedlock.

Castergine is suing Jeff Wilpon personally, and is also seeking additional damages from the team. Wilpon has denied the claims in the lawsuit.

During an appearance at Citi Field on Tuesday, outgoing Commissioner Bud Selig said that Castergine’s lawsuit is a matter of “employment litigation,” and that it’s in the hands of the courts for now.

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Since news broke a week ago, there has been little coverage of Leigh Castergine’s lawsuit against Jeff Wilpon and the Mets.

While Bud Selig and others in Major League Baseball are currently content to let this play out in the courts, it would be wise for them to conduct their own internal investigation of the matter.

The allegations brought by Castergine have not yet been proven, but they’re serious enough and specific enough for Major League Baseball to respond in a more forceful manner than they have thus far.