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Terry Collins tells Jenrry Mejia to tone down save celebrations

By Danny Abriano

A day after speaking favorably of Jenrry Mejia‘s post-save celebrations, Terry Collins has told Mejia to tone down his celebrations to avoid “embarrassing” the opposition.

Mejia has said many times that his save celebration (the “Mejia Stomp”) is something that comes naturally, and that nothing is planned in advance.

Friday night against Washington, Mejia struck out Ian Desmond to end the game and followed it by doing a reeling in motion as if he was fishing. Some thought Mejia was reeling in his catcher, Travis d’Arnaud. Others believed he was motioning toward Desmond.

After the game, Denard Span said Mejia’s celebration was “uncalled for.”

Prior to Saturday’s game, Mejia said that it’s never his intent to offend anyone but that he’s “sorry” for Friday night’s celebration. Mejia also noted again that he simply does what comes naturally after each game he saves, and compared what he does to how Nationals closer Rafael Soriano acts.

Asked if he’ll celebrate again the way he celebrated on Friday night, Mejia said “I don’t know. Let’s see what I do.”


There are many who believe that Collins and the Mets only addressed Mejia’s celebration because of the reaction of some in the media, and that may be the case.

If you watch the video of Mejia’s save on Friday night, you’ll see that his “reeling in” motion was directed at Travis d’Arnaud, not Ian Desmond or anyone on the Nationals.

Yes, Mejia’s post-save celebrations will piss some people off, just like Fernando Rodney, Rafael Soriano, Brian Wilson, Joba Chamberlain, and many other late-inning relievers piss people off with their histrionics.

If Mejia crossed a line, it should be addressed. In this instance, Mejia didn’t cross a line. He’s simply having fun.

The Mets should be embracing personality and fiery behavior, not extinguishing it.