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Mets will not promote Noah Syndergaard in 2014

By Danny Abriano

After Sunday’s win, the Mets confirmed that they will not promote 22-year-old RHP Noah Syndergaard to the majors in 2014.

Assistant general manager John Ricco said that if Syndergaard had been called up, it would’ve been to work out of the bullpen. Ricco also said that Syndergaard was up against his innings limit.

According to Ricco, Sandy Alderson spoke with Syndergaard about the Mets’ decision.

Even if Syndergaard had been called up in 2014, the Mets could’ve still secured an extra year of team control by keeping him in the minors until roughly April 20 of 2015.


The idea that Syndergaard was a disappointment in 2014 is a flawed one.

While Syndergaard’s ERA in Triple-A Las Vegas was 4.60, his FIP (fielding independent pitching) was 3.70. Additionally, Syndergaard struck out 9.81 per 9 innings, walked less than three per 9, and was the victim of an almost comically high .378 BABIP.

More important than Syndergaard’s results in the ridiculously hitter-friendly PCL was the explosive stuff he often held late into his starts and the maturity he showed during a very good second half of the season.

When it comes down to it, not promoting Syndergaard for the last three weeks of the season isn’t a huge deal. However, contrary to what John Ricco is saying, Syndergaard is most certainly not up against his innings limit.

Syndergaard threw 124.2 innings in 2013 and threw 138 in 2014. The Mets generally allow their starting pitchers to increase their workload by 30 innings per season, meaning Syndergaard has either 16 or 17 innings left at his disposal.

The fact that the Mets are willing to bump Bartolo Colon from his start on Wednesday in order for Rafael Montero to start tells you that they could’ve easily done the same for Syndergaard.

Instead, barring a flurry of injuries at the major league level, Syndergaard will have to wait until 2015 for his major league debut.