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Mets will not allow Matt Harvey to face batters until spring training

By Danny Abriano

Matt Harvey, who had Tommy John surgery last October, will not be allowed to face batters until spring training.

Harvey, who has proclaimed himself ahead of schedule several times during the recovery process, had hoped to return to game action this season. Instead, his final step before spring training will be to throw all of his secondary offerings (not at 100 percent) during a bullpen session.

According to the Daily News, Harvey will likely throw three more bullpen sessions before being shut down for the offseason.

The Mets have slowed Harvey’s rehab down multiple times simply out of an abundance of caution.

Harvey will continue the process when spring training begins in February. That will include facing batters and eventually appearing in games.

According to the Daily News, Harvey is refusing to comment on the Mets’ refusal to allow him to face batters until the spring.


The Mets not wanting Matt Harvey to rush through his rehab makes total sense, regardless of how Harvey feels and/or how badly he wanted to pitch in a game in 2014.

However, refusing to allow Harvey to face batters until February seems like a bit much.

The Mets are in favor of a longer recovery time for Harvey, and were clearly spooked with what happened to Jeremy Hefner.

However, Harvey is not Hefner. Every recovery is different.

Recently, Sandy Alderson noted that Harvey may be allowed to enter a game setting before the winter, but that is obviously out the window.

At this rate, Harvey will not face a batter until he’s 16 months post-surgery. For comparison’s sake, Stephen Strasburg returned to major league action a shade over 12 months after his Tommy John surgery.

It’s apparent that Harvey is ultra-competitive and wants to move quickly. Still, there should be some common ground between holding him back for the sake of it and letting him go full bore. As of now, that doesn’t appear to be the case.