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Mets uncertain about Terry Collins’ future

By Danny Abriano

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported in August that Terry Collins would likely return as manager of the Mets in 2015. The team hasn’t gone into a tailspin since then, but Andy Martino in the Daily News reports that there has been ‘genuine internal debate’ and ‘uncertainty’ surrounding Collins’ future. Writes Martino:

“The manager has his backers in the organization, and he has his detractors; both sides seem still to be discussing the future. I still believe that there is a slight lean toward the status quo, but also that the atypical lack of clarity is telling. In other words: It should be an interesting month.”

Collins, who was hired prior to the 2011 campaign, has overseen three straight losing seasons and has thus far guided the Mets to a 66-74 record in 2014. In Mets history, there has never been a manager who has overseen four straight losing seasons and returned for a fifth.

Collins is under contract through 2015 and the Mets hold a team option for 2016.


The report in August that Collins was assured to return in 2015 seemed odd, so Martino’s piece brings a bit of common sense to the situation.

While all that ails the Mets is not Collins’ fault, he’s done nothing to show the front office and ownership that he’s part of the solution.

With 2015 being a year where the Mets are expected to finally turn the corner (it seems that’s been written every year since 2011), the Mets should at least be open to having a fresh face as their field manager.

In addition to the overall records Collins has overseen, his tactical moves have always been lacking. The Mets – like every team – should be looking for a manager who gives them an advantage between the lines.

If the Mets have a tremendous September and crack 80 wins or finish at or above .500, dismissing Collins seems unlikely. However, if they finish with another mid-70s win total, removing the manager would be the logical first step of the offseason.