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Bartolo Colon clears waivers, Mets can trade him to any team

By Danny Abriano

Bartolo Colon has cleared waivers, meaning that the Mets have the option of trading him to any team between now and the end of the season.

Had Colon been claimed, the Mets would’ve had the option of pulling him back or dealing with the claiming team only.

While the Mets can theoretically deal Colon in either August or September, if he is dealt, the likelihood is that it will be either before August ends or after the season. The reason? Any acquiring team would need to obtain Colon by August 31 in order to include him on their potential postseason roster.

This season for the Mets, the 41-year-old Colon has posted a 3.82 ERA (3.35 FIP) and 1.15 WHIP in 167.1 innings pitched.


The Mets reportedly made it known that they wouldn’t drop Colon’s deal on a claiming team, instead wanting to either acquire something of value or pull him back. That makes it a bit surprising that no contending teams – especially the Dodgers or Angels – was willing to put a claim in on Colon.

It’s been whispered since July that teams are ‘scared’ or ‘wary’ of the remainder of Colon’s deal, which is laughable.

Colon, while 41 and not the best physical specimen, has been one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball over the last four seasons. Moreover, his $11 million contract for 2015 will pale in comparison with the haul the majority of the free agent pitchers get.

The Mets are most likely not seeking a blue chip prospect for Colon, but he should absolutely have enough value to net a legitimate prospect – someone who’s in another organization’s top 10 (not by default).

If the Mets can get a fair return for Colon, they should deal him before August ends. It would clear his salary for 2015 and open up a rotation spot for Noah Syndergaard.

If another team asks the Mets to eat a portion of Colon’s 2015 salary in order to improve the player(s) they get in return, they should consider it.

Either way, the Mets are now in solid position. They can attempt to create a bidding war for Colon now. If a team doesn’t bite, they can simply wait until the offseason to deal him.