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Any Mets trade with Rockies will likely have to wait

By Danny Abriano

If the Mets are to swing a deal for either Troy Tulowitzki or Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies, it will very likely have to wait until after the season.

Apr 4, 2014; Denver, CO, USA; Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki (2) and left fielder Carlos Gonzalez (5) during the first inning against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Coors Field. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Writes Jon Heyman of CBS Sports:

"There was a suggestion that the Rockies were waiting for a call Monday that never came, but a Mets person denied they neglected to call. In any case, all sides agree that there has been nothing beyond base touching here. The Rockies believe the Mets are one of the teams that matches up well with them since New York has an impressive list of pitching prospects."

The above is not a surprise.

The Rockies’ front office is in favor of dealing Tulowitki, but they have not yet received clearance from owner Dick Monfort – who is not yet ready to sign off on any deal that ships Tulowitzki out of Colorado.

In Heyman’s piece on Wednesday, he cited a Mets person who suggested that Tulowitzki wants to be a Yankee, and concluded that the Mets are far more likely to acquire Carlos Gonzalez.

While it’s certainly possible that the Mets don’t end up with Tulowitzki, the Yankees having interest and/or Tulowitzki wanting to join the Yankees should have little bearing on how this plays out.

For one, Tulowitzki doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

Second – and more importantly – the Yankees simply don’t have the minor league talent necessary to swing a deal for Tulowitzki unless the Rockies accept a lesser package.

As far as Carlos Gonzalez is concerned, that’s a discussion for another day.

Pretty much every player who plays in Colorado will have severe home/road splits, but Gonzalez’ are stark.

He’s extremely talented, cheaper than Tulowitzki, and would cost less to acquire, but his splits are a major cause for concern.