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Was it Jeff Wilpon or Sandy Alderson who was behind the Dave Hudgens firing?

By Danny Abriano

On Wednesday, a few days after the firing of Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens, a report emerged that asserted that Jeff Wilpon ordered Sandy Alderson to fire Hudgens. In response, the Mets called the report “substantively inaccurate and erroneous.” So, what’s the deal? Does it even matter?

Feb 17, 2014; Port St Lucie, FL, USA; New York Mets co owner Jeff Wilpon watches the workouts during todays first official day of spring training at Tradition Field. Mandatory Credit: Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

According to Howard Megdal in Capital New York, the Hudgens firing was a directive from Jeff Wilpon. Writes Megdal:

"…During Monday’s disappointing 5-3 loss at home to the Pirates, Jeff Wilpon sent Alderson an angry text, and followed it up with an angry call. Then, after the game, they had an angry meeting.But at that meeting, according to a knowledgeable source, Wilpon did something new: He overruled his general manager on a baseball matter, ordering him to fire hitting coach Dave Hudgens, a longtime Alderson friend and colleague."

After the report emerged and the Mets denied it, Megdal spoke with Sandy Alderson, who said the decision to fire Hudgens was reached after consulting with a number of different people, and that it’s something that’s been “in the works” for a while.


Whenever something with Megdal’s name on it comes out and is related to Mets ownership, eyebrows are raised and some question its validity. Fairly or unfairly, it’s a circumstance that may have been rendered permanent once Megdal penned a book titled “Wilpon’s Folly.”

As far as this particular report, Megdal is standing by it, and it certainly isn’t something (Jeff Wilpon stepping in to order the firing of Hudgens) that would come as a surprise.

In the grand scheme of things, though, does it really matter?

When Sandy Alderson was hired, Jeff Wilpon said that Alderson would have full autonomy over the baseball operations – something his predecessor Omar Minaya did not have.

It would be very disconcerting if a report emerged that Wilpon was ordering certain player personnel moves, but there’s nothing that has come out to indicate that is or has been the case during Alderson’s tenure.