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Mets Fire Dave Hudgens, Lamar Johnson New Hitting Coach

By Sam Maxwell

According to Kevin Burkhardt, the New York Mets have fired Hitting Coach David Hudgens and replaced him with Lamar Johnson.

From wikipedia:

"Since 2005, (Lamar Johnson) has worked in the Mets organization, first as a roving hitting instructor, then as minor league hitting coordinator."

He also played most of his career with the White Sox from 1974-1981, playing for the Rangers in 1982 before retiring. He batted .287 with 64 HR and 381 RBI.


Seen as untouchable, the firing of Dave Hudgens actually comes as a bit of a surprise since he was Sandy Alderson’s boy. It’s clear, however, that the offense has been afwul, especially in situational hitting. Now, Lamar Johnson, who it sounds like has paid his dues in the organization since the last regime change, gets a chance to turn this offense around. We’ll see if it can be done.

Commentary from Danny Abriano:

The Mets have been as close to offensively inept as it gets, and Dave Hudgens – who was implementing the hitting philosophy of the front office – was the person who ultimately had to pay the price.

While Hudgens was simply a soldier who was responsible for teaching and reinforcing what the front office wanted, the almost impossible to believe poor performance from the majority of the players on the roster necessitated a change.

As Sam noted above, the removal of Hudgens – who was an organizational guy – is a bit of a surprise.

Hudgens’ replacement, Lamar Johnson, has been in the Mets organization since 2005. He advanced from roving hitting instructor to minor league hitting coordinator, and will hopefully be able to get more out of his pupils than Hudgens.