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Juan Lagares expected to be in uniform Wednesday night

By Danny Abriano

UPDATE, May 21:

According to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN, Juan Lagares is back from the Dominican Republic and is en route to Citi Field. He’ll be in uniform Wednesday night.

UPDATE, May 20:

Mets general manager Sandy Alderson said before Tuesday’s game that Juan Lagares, who flew to the Dominican Republic on Monday after a death in the family, is still in the Dominican Republic.

Lagares is expected to be back for tomorrow’s game at Citi Field, and the Mets will not place him on the bereavement list (which is anywhere from three to seven days).

Instead, the Mets will play one player short on Tuesday.


Mets center fielder Juan Lagares is flying to the Dominican Republic on Monday after suffering a death in the family, but is expected back in New York in time for the series-opener against the Dodgers on Tuesday at Citi Field.

New York Mets center fielder Juan Lagares (12) Mandatory Credit:

Brad Mills


Lagares, who was benched four out of five games leading up to the weekend, returned to the lineup Saturday and remained there on Sunday.

On Sunday, Mets manager Terry Collins became agitated with the team’s beat writers when the subject of Lagares’ playing time persisted.


There will undoubtedly be some who try to link the death in the family Lagares recently suffered to his benching.

In most cases, that would make a bit of sense. In this instance, it does not.

Lagares was not only benched. Manager Terry Collins inflamed the situation by attempting to say that the benching was a matter of “offense over defense,” and that of the five outfielders on the roster, Lagares wasn’t one of the three who gave the team the best chance to score runs.

If Lagares was on the bench because he was dealing with a personal issue, all Collins had to do was say so.

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