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Mets vs. Phillies series preview with Mike Lacy from That Ball’s Outta Here

By Danny Abriano

The Mets open a three-game series with the Phillies on Friday night at Citi Field.

Sep 21, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy (28) rounds the bases after hitting a home run during the seventh inning against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In advance of the series, we asked Mike Lacy, the Editor of fellow FanSided site That Ball’s Outta Here, to answer some questions about the Phillies.

Here’s what Mike had to say…

Rising Apple: Give us a primer on Roberto Hernandez, who the Mets will face Friday night. He’s been inconsistent ever since coming into the league. How has he looked in 2014?

Mike Lacy, That Ball’s Outta Here: Hernandez has been about what you might expect from a veteran fifth starter: Inconsistent and average. He’s had a couple of bad starts, a couple of good ones, with a few mediocre outings mixed in. For the most part, he’s at least kept the team in games, which is all they can really ask.
He was superb in his last start against the Nationals, so I hope that he’s not due to regress.

R.A.: Exactly what is going on between Ryne Sandberg and Jimmy Rollins?

ML: That seems to have blown over now, especially since Jimmy is playing reasonably well, and his would-be replacement Freddy Galvis was demoted to AAA. It looks like a case of a new manager trying to assert himself (similar to what happened in Washington with Bryce Harper) and not doing it in the most graceful way possible.
I don’t see a problem going forward, unless the team really starts to struggle. Rollins doesn’t always show the best intensity when things go bad, so Ryno might try to send another “message.”

R.A.: How has the fan reaction been so far this season? The club is in last place, and Ruben Amaro, Jr. hasn’t shown much foresight.

ML: Amaro’s offseason moves have actually worked out relatively well, but most of the fan base has Amaro fatigue. They (incorrectly in my opinion) blame him for the team’s fall from grace. The fans haven’t been too impressed with this year’s team. The bandwagon jumpers have found other ways to spend their time, and as a result, there have been a lot of empty seats at Citizens Bank Park. Unless the team starts winning more regularly, I expect that to continue.

R.A.: What do you expect the Phillies to look like come August? Who do you think will be moved from the current 25-man roster. Who do you think will get the call from the minors to replace those who may be shipped out?

ML: I thought the Phillies would be about a .500 team before the season, and I continue to think that way. It puts the team in a difficult spot, as they’ll be on the fringe of contention, meaning they shouldn’t necessarily buy at the deadline, but a full sell-off isn’t an option either. I can’t see the Phillies holding a fire sale. But if they’re clearly out of it, I think that we might be seeing Marlon Byrd and A.J. Burnett in different uniforms. In that case, we’ll probably get more of Darin Ruf in outfield and maybe the major league debut of Jesse Biddle.

R.A.: Mets fans drool at the thought of Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard fronting their starting rotation beginning in 2015. What do Phillies fans think of when 2015 is discussed? What’s their dream scenario?

ML: Some Phillies fans would love to see a full rebuild, but I don’t envision that happening. Chances are, due to some of the unmovable contracts on the books, the 2015 Phillies will look very similar to the 2014 Phillies. If any major changes are to be made, it might be the Phillies using their deep pockets to either sign or trade for a smaller-market team’s star player.

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