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Terry Collins now suggesting Eric Young, Jr. may wind up on bench

By Danny Abriano

After stating a few days ago that the outfield would be a four-man rotation where no one player would sit too often, Terry Collins said prior to Thursday’s game that “in the long run you’ve got to have three guys you’re going to run out there.”

Apr 16, 2014; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New York Mets outfielder Eric Young Jr against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Speaking about Eric Young, Jr. specifically, Collins said:

"He would be a guy that you’d like to have to come off the bench because of versatility…the other thing he brings is that it’s always amazing how many times late in a game the pitcher comes up to lead off an inning. And he’s the ideal guy to go hit in that spot. He can switch-hit. And when he gets on, things happen. It’s nice to have those guys over there [on the bench]."


Whether common sense prevailed, the front office stepped in, or Collins was being coy about his intentions the entire time, it seems that the right thing (Young, Jr. to the bench) is about to happen.

Going to the bench isn’t a slight on Eric Young, Jr. – who is an asset as a fourth outfielder but miscast as a regular. It’s simply a result of the Mets having three other outfielders who profile as regulars.

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