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Quick Hits: Travis d’Arnaud Looking Good at the Plate as of Late

By Sam Maxwell

For the majority of the month, Travis d’Arnaud has looked lost at the plate; not only swinging at junk out of the strike zone but unable to make solid contact, if any, on fastballs as well. It never translated into poor play behind the plate, however, and he should be given credit for that.

Recently, though, Travis has begun to look like the player everyone has touted as a future All-Star at the catching position. He not only has collected hits, but even his outs have been hit with some oomph. Here is Travis’s last 10 games:

It bottomed out (well, compared to other averages in that 10 game span…I know his average had been lower at certain points, but hey, it’s April…) on that miserable April 18th when Ike Davis got traded moments before the game and the Mets lost 6-0. From .143, he has raised it in 8 games to .219, and looks poised to continue its climb. He has also collected 5 walks, and stole the 1st base of his Major League career; not to mention he was also on the end of one of the sickest relay-and-tag plays you will ever see that saved the Mets 3-2 win over the Cardinals on April 23. He has gone from looking lost and his confidence level shot to extremely poised and ready to take on the league.

I will fully admit (as I have stated on the Rising Apple Report a bunch of times the first month) that I believe Kevin Plawecki is probably the long-term answer behind home plate for the Mets. Even when you don’t believe a player will pan out for your team, you still root as hard as you can for him to do so, and you wish him nothing but the best in his career. While Plawecki behind the Mets home plate long-term may still end up being the case, I will gladly watch Travis develop into an All-Star, as he is certainly a fun player to watch when he has a grasp on that Major League strike zone.

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