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Mets 4/2 in-game update: Chris Young leaves due to injury

By Danny Abriano

Mar 3, 2014; Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA; New Yorks Mets outfielder Chris Young (1) before a spring training exhibition game against the Atlanta Braves at Champion Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Young, who sat out on Opening Day due to a right quadriceps strain, was removed from Wednesday night’s game at Citi Field after just a half inning.

While running in left field, Young appeared to be favoring the quad. After the half inning ended, he was removed from the game.

It’s tough to speculate without knowing the severity of Young’s injury – or if it’s for certain the quad that’s bothering him.

With that said, the Mets can’t play undermanned and can’t use Young if he isn’t in condition to play. Something has to give if this isn’t a one or two day thing.

If the Mets have to place Chris Young on the disabled list, if would make the most sense to call up either Kirk Nieuwenhuis or Matt den Dekker. However, the Mets may opt for Bobby Abreu instead.

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