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Kyle Farnsworth & Wilmer Flores expected in New York Wednesday

By Danny Abriano

Per the Mets, both Kyle Farnsworth and Wilmer Flores are expected to be in New York on Wednesday.

Farnsworth and Flores were due to begin the year with Triple-A Las Vegas on Thursday, but the Bobby Parnell injury and an expected paternity leave stint for Daniel Murphy has changed that plan.

Players who are placed on paternity leave must miss the next team game, but are permitted to only miss three games total – meaning Murphy will return no later than Saturday.

Farnsworth, who turns 38 on April 14, dealt with diminished velocity during spring training.

When the Mets add Farnsworth, they’ll have to remove someone from the 40-man roster.


It feels a bit backwards that the Mets are choosing to replace a young reliever who was dealing with diminished velocity with a much older reliever who’s dealing with diminished velocity.

By choosing Farnsworth, the Mets are passing over other options such as Vic Black, Joel Carreno, and Jeff Walters.

Moreover, their choice of Farnsworth over Black means that the Mets will have to remove someone from the 40-man roster. Zach Lutz and Wilfredo Tovar are two possible roster casualties.

As far as Flores, he’ll be replacing Murphy if he is indeed placed on paternity leave as expected.

In Murphy’s short absence, the Mets have a number of options for Flores. They can start him at second base, start him at shortstop, or leave him on the bench while using both Eric Young, Jr. (second base) and Juan Lagares (center field).

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