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Get Your Gloves Ready. Mets Baseball is Here.

By Sam Maxwell

The calendar hasn’t even transported us to April yet. It’s certainly slightly weird.

But here it is. There’s an actual incarnation of a Metropolitan baseball team taking the field in Queens this afternoon. 1 O’Clock Eastern, Daylight Savings Time. The New York Metropolitan Baseball Club fields its 53rd baseball team. Against the 10th incarnation of the Montreal Expos being the Washington Nationals. It hasn’t felt real until it does again today.

All of a sudden, it always comes. Yeah, we’ve been prepped. Yeah, we’ve been waiting. But once it arrives, there’s nothing that can quite prepare you for whatever is to come ahead in the new baseball season. 2014 will be quite different than 2013, as 2013 was completely different than 2012, and so on and so forth. It’s just a part of life that everything is new until, well…NOTHING is anymore. And that makes the anticipation feel so good the night before. It may feel similar, but its ALWAYS different, changing and ever-evolving. Every single one of us gets closer to death each and every day, and that fact alone the older I get makes me appreciate more and more this life and the baseball in it.

So, I welcome with open arms this new baseball season. I don’t need to even speak to the state of the ball team we field this day. The fact baseball is back is all I need to feel. Regardless how any of us feel about the current state of the ball club, for better or worse, I am so happy the Orange and Blue are back.

Enjoy the day, everybody. Enjoy the first month, then enjoy the season.

Let’s raise a hot dog and a beer to the 2014 New York Mets.




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