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Stephen Drew, Scott Boras still in an Alternate Reality

By Danny Abriano

With six days until Opening Day, free agent shortstop Stephen Drew remains unsigned. While Detroit has traded for shortstop Alex Gonzalez and the Yankees have again refused to entertain signing Drew, Scott Boras is telling general managers that he has an offer for Drew worth $39 million over three years. The problem? No one believes him.

Oct 30, 2013; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew (7) rounds the bases after hitting a home run against the St. Louis Cardinals during the fourth inning of game six of the MLB baseball World Series at Fenway Park. Mandatory Credit: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

At the same time Boras was claiming the $39 million offer for Drew was out there, reports surfaced that Drew was willing to sign with Detroit for one year and $14 million. That simply doesn’t jive.

If there actually was a $39 million dollar offer on the table for Stephen Drew – unless Scott Boras has actually lost his mind completely – he would’ve signed it.

Instead, Drew remains at Scott Boras’ training complex in Miami, working out without an employer.

If Drew waits until the day after Opening Day to sign a new deal (assuming it’s a one year deal), whichever team he signs with won’t be able to make him a qualifying offer after the season.

If Drew waits longer – until after the June draft – to sign, whoever signs him will no longer have to give up a draft pick for his services.

With the Yankees still refusing to engage Boras regarding Drew, and the Tigers snatching up shortstops left and right to fill in for Jose Iglesias, Drew and Boras appear to have the same small number of options they’ve had all offseason.

The Mets are still searching for a shortstop, and there have been indications that they’d be willing to offer Drew a two year deal worth a bit more than $20 million.

Instead of engaging the Mets at that price, though, Scott Boras is apparently continuing to search for a deal for his client that very likely isn’t coming.

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