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Braves Signing Ervin Santana Isn’t An Excuse To Bash Mets

By Danny Abriano

In the current World of the Mets, anything the club does is used by some as an excuse to bash the team and anything another club does is used by some as an excuse to bash the team – common sense be damned.

Sep 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Ervin Santana (54) delivers a pitch against the Texas Rangers during the first inning at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Mets bashing party has come about due to the fact that the Braves signed free agent starting pitcher Ervin Santana to a one year deal worth $14.1 million dollars.

This led many to attack the Mets because the Braves “acted swiftly” to address a need, while the Mets “sit idly by” as their shortstop situation remains unsolved. That’s the narrative.

When you dig into it, you’ll find that there are several reasons why that comparison is an apples to oranges one.

For one, the Braves are without three of the five starting pitchers who were expected to make up their opening day rotation: Kris Medlen is likely out for they year, Brandon Beachy can’t find his velocity, and Mike Minor is out as well.

Faced with a rotation that’s in absolute disarray (including the loss of their ace), the Braves reacted by signing Ervin Santana.

When the Mets lost their ace (Matt Harvey), they responded by signing Bartolo Colon to a two year deal worth $20 million dollars. If there’s a comparison to be made, that’s the one.

However, most want to compare the Braves signing Santana to the Mets thus far not signing or trading for a shortstop – with most using Stephen Drew as the example.

For one, there’s nothing to suggest that Stephen Drew is willing to take a one year deal, so I’m not sure what people want the Mets to do at this point. Blindly handing out contracts while not worrying about average annual value or length certainly isn’t the way to go about things.

Second, the Mets are still actively searching for an upgrade at shortstop, and a trade with the Mariners or Diamondbacks to acquire one before spring training ends is a distinct possibility.

Still, lots would rather yell at the sky hysterically than use common sense while waiting for things to shake out.

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